Nagolog 5『English』

Safety, Reassurance, and Hospitality.

A Hotel is supposed to be a place where 
people can take a rest, but since many 
random people stay in, what about safety? 

As long as there is such concern, 
a hotel could turn into an unpleasant 
place rather than a pleasant place. 

Also, a quite common thing when you 
visit somebody’s house is there is a 
“unique odor”. It does not mean that 
person does not clean the house well,
 but the odor just remains there. 

So, what if others’ odors accumulate? 

It would be an inexplicable smell. 

Hotels need to take care of such things too.

After pneumonia caused by COVID-19 has 
become viral, “disinfection” has become 
our new custom. 

Disinfection means the removal of poison 
from pathogenic microbes. 

The easy way to do this is to use a 
disinfection solution. 

Alcohol changes the constitution of the 
protein of cell membranes so that they 
become useless. 

When we use it to our hands, that is what 
happens and our hands get chapped. 

This phenomenon happens to the germs’ 
cell membranes too, so they get 
useless too. 

Some germs and viruses have an outer shell,
 so alcohol is not effective for them. 

However, COVID-19 does not have an outer 
shell, which means alcohol is effective. 

The benefit of alcohol is it gets dry very 
quickly because of its volatility.

The act of wiping hands itself becomes the 
act of spreading germs, so it is supposed to 
get dry.

However, if it gets dry too quickly, the effect 
does not last long. Therefore, there needs 
to be something the effect lasts longer. 

Current technology makes this seemingly 
impossible effect possible. 

The Nano Interior which uses 
 allows us to experience this effect. 

When it absorbs light, it emits 2 kinds 
of active oxygens by using the oxygen 
and water in the air. 

This active oxygen decomposes not only 
germs but also viruses and odor particles. 

After the decomposition, these particles 
convert to nonharmful water and carbon 
dioxide, so it is very safe. 


“ Japan Hinata ” 

has a coating of this Nano Interior 
which uses “Antibacterial/photocatalyst”.

Viruses, germs, and unpleasant odors are 
certainly decomposed. 

A safe and reassuring atmosphere certainly 
takes all the fatigue you get from the trip.