Nagolog 1 『English』

Is Family Trip Taxing?

One of the great things about a trip is to 
feel the sensation of an extraordinary day. 

Visiting unusual places neither a house 
nor a supermarket revitalizes your brain.

Then you can comfortably go back to 
usual days. By traveling with a family, 
a good memory multiplies by each 
family member, and that will be stored 
in our hearts. 

You will feel it was fun when you travel 
with three people instead of alone or two 

However, traveling with a child is taxing. 

I have a child who has just turned 
one-year-old, and of course, we carry 
around diapers and clothes to change.

Just in case, we also carried what my 
child normally eats in the case when 
meals were not suitable. 

To make follow-up milk, 
I brought a bottle of hot water.

Myy child was neede to be carried as if 
"a luggage" when falling asleep. 

I felt from the bottom of my heart that 
I need to carry so many things just by 
having one child.

That day, the main event was to visit the 
"Nagoya City Science Museum". 

This science museum has a really good 
planetarium, but that area was closed 
due to the COVID-19

Although they only had the regular 
exhibitions, one of their major exhibits, 
"Tornado", was mouth opening. 

Since it was a weekday, we were fully able 
to enjoy it
Since I didn't know what exhibits would 
attract my child, we decided to walk 
around and stop at wherever my child liked. 

The exhibit which had a lot of mirrors 
was my child's favorit

After the science museum, we went to 
Nakamura Park by subway. 

Nakamura Park is located 7 minutes 
away from Nagoya Station.

Upon leaving the station, we arrived 
at the place to stay name 
"AND SHARE Nakamura Park". 

Although it was located in quiet 
houses area, this distance was very 
convenient for me since I was carrying 
many things

After we smoothly checked in, 
we got into our room. 

Since the room was huge, there was 
enough space even if I put my things 
around the room.

Although there were two beds, 
we only used one. 

There was a fancy bed, but there was 
a risk of my child falling from the bed. 

So, we decided to rent a futon and 
put on the floor. I also used a futon.

Only my husband used a bed. Normally, 
business hotels don't offer this kind 
of thing flexibly, so I am happy to 
have stayed in AND SHARE.