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Nagoya Ryokan Blog №2

●Enjoying Nagoya eating 

There was a tourism company 
poster with a picture of a 
crab. It said, “you cannot 
taste the picture! Come over 
to eat it!”. As the best 
part of the trip, I eat 
local food. Seeing 
astounding scenes can be 
fulfilled with seeing 
pictures, but when it comes 
to food, you can never taste 
a picture. You need to go to 
the place to eat it.
This time I went to eat 
“Hitsumabushi”, the soul 
food of Nagoya. Hitumabushi 
is a food that has a sliced 
grilled eel on top of the 
rice. There are various 
theories of the origin of 
this food, but when people 
have Unadon delivered, they 
often found the plate 
broken, so they asked to 
deliver the rice in the box 
separately so that it can 
be distributed to each 
easily. Back then, people 
could hardly get a fatty 
delicious eel, they ate a 
hard, low-quality organic 
eel with a condiment and 
made Ochazuke 
(a simple one-bowl dish 
featuring steamed rice 
with an assortment of 
savory ingredients, 
partially steeped in green 
tea) so that they could not 
smell its strong flavor.
We went to a restaurant 
named “Una-Fuji”, and I 
“Large Hitumabushi”. It was 
surprisingly big as I could 
have told from the size of 
the box. I had thought the 
main part of grilled eel was 
“the sauce”, but this dish 
made me realize that I was 
supposed to taste “the eel”. 
Compared to the foreign 
production one which you 
can get at a supermarket, 
it is completely different, 
especially the surface is 
very crispy and has a nice 
grilled smell, and once you 
bite in, the texture is very 
fluffy and all of the juice 
gets in your mouth. And if 
you add a condiment, the 
taste gets very light. In 
the end, you are supposed to 
add the Dashi soup, but this 
soup is very phenomenal. 
Small bones were already 
removed, so you can devour 
without any concern. We got 
a plate for our 
one-year-old child and made 
a small Ochaduke. It was the 
first time for my child to 
eat it, but certainly 
enjoyed it. Although my 
child had already done 
the with weaning food, 
this kind of food, like very 
smooth and soft texture, 
was very favorable for my 
To go to this restaurant, 
“Una-Fuji”, you need to take 
a JR Chuo Line (mainline) 
from Nagoya station, then 
get off at Tsurumai station.

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“Japan Hinata”, 

is located at a very 
convenient place to move 
around in Nagoya. And it is 
a must tool in this current 
situation, but you can 
safely stay at this hotel 
thanks to the 
the Nano-Interior technology 
which blocks any viruses.

Nagoya Ryokan Blog №1

●Safety, Reassurance, and 

 A Hotel is supposed to be a 
place where people can take 
a rest, but since many 
random people stay in what 
about safety?
As long as there is such 
concern, a hotel could turn 
into an unpleasant place 
rather than a pleasant place.

Also, a quite common thing 
when you visit somebody’s 
house is there is a 
“unique odor”. It does not 
mean that person does not 
clean the house well, but 
the odor just remains there.
So, what if others’ odors 
accumulate? It would be an 
inexplicable smell. Hotels 
need to take care of such 
things too.
After pneumonia caused by 
COVID-19 has become viral,
 “disinfection” has become our 
new custom. Disinfection 
means the removal of poison 
from pathogenic microbes. 
The easy way to do this is 
to use a disinfection 

Alcohol changes the 
constitution of the protein 
of cell membranes so that
they become useless. 
When we use it to our hands, 
that is what happens and our 
hands get chapped. 

This phenomenon happens to 
the germs’ cell membranes 
too, so they get useless 
too. Some germs and viruses 
have an outer shell, so 
alcohol is not effective for 
them. However, COVID-19 does 
not have an outer shell, 
which means alcohol is 
effective. The benefit of 
alcohol is it gets dry very 
quickly because of its 

The act of wiping hands 
itself becomes the act of 
spreading germs, so it is 
supposed to get dry.
 However, if it gets dry too 
quickly, the effect does not 
last long. Therefore, there 
needs to be something the 
effect lasts longer. Current 
technology makes this 
seemingly impossible effect 

The Nano Interior which uses 

allows us to experience this 
effect. When it absorbs 
light, it emits 2 kinds of 
active oxygens by using the 
oxygen and water in the air. 

This active oxygen 
decomposes not only germs 
but also viruses and odor 
particles. After the 
decomposition, these 
particles convert to 
nonharmful water and 
carbon dioxide, so it is 
very safe.Hotel 

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"Japan Hinata"

has a coating of this 
Nano Interior which uses 

Viruses, germs, and 
unpleasant odors are 
certainly decomposed. 
A safe and reassuring 
atmosphere certainly 
takes all the fatigue 
you get from the trip.