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・Traveling with a child always comes with anxiety.

 Whenever I am at home, I am
always busy with child care,
and I just realized 2020 is
about to end.
I am aware that looking after a
child is a very important role,
but sometimes I want to just take
a break and relax. I wish I could
go somewhere even for a few days.

However, the restroom problem
gets me worried. Accessible
restrooms are installed in
major stations of Tokyo,
and I can change my child’s
diapers there. But what if
it is at the place where
I have never been before.
Considering this factor when
I choose a tourist spot to
visit is very natural.
Is there any food that my child
can eat? That is another factor
that worries me. If it is not
available, I need to pack all of
the food my child can eat in a
backpack. But I don’t want to
go to the common restaurants
that are available around the
Tokyo area or it will be less fun.
And how about the lodging
facilities?  Can my child sleep
there safely? And soundly? If
there is only a twin bed for
adults, then a child could fall
from the bed. But monitoring my
child for the entire night is
reckless. Having a baby bed
could mean “safe”, but that
does not mean a child could 
sleep with an easy mind. 
If a child oneself is not
relieved, parents need to take
care of a child without sleep.
That completely ruins the
purpose of the trip.
Nagoya, where you can get there
around an hour and 35 minutes by
bullet train, can easily fulfill
the desire of “I wish I could go
somewhere”. That short period of
time will not make a child bored.
And it is a local “city”, so you
will not have a restroom problem.
The lodging facility where we
stayed is called
“& SHARE Nakamura Park”.
This place has a great fancy
atmosphere which makes you feel
like you are at home. It is 4
stations away from Nagoya
station on the subway, so it was
very convenient since we were
carrying many bags and luggage.
This hotel has both beds and a
futon. So we decided to use a
futon to sleep. By using futon,
I was very relieved since there
was no risk of my child falling,
and I could sleep right next to
my child. A lock is installed on
the door, so my child could not
leave the room alone.
Thank you to this child-friendly
hotel, we were able to go to the
Port of Nagoya Public Aquarium
with so much excitement.

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•Is Family Trip Taxing?

One of the great things about a trip is to feel the sensation of an extraordinary day. Visiting unusual places neither a house nor a supermarket revitalizes your brain.
Then you can comfortably go back to usual days. By traveling with a family, a good memory multiplies by each family member, and that will be stored in our hearts.
You will feel it was fun when you travel with three people instead
of alone or two people.

However, traveling with a child is taxing. I have a child who has just turned one-year-old, and of course, we carry around diapers and clothes to change.
Just in case, we also carried what my child normally eats in the case when meals were not suitable. To make follow-up milk, I brought
a bottle of hot water.
Myy child was neede to be carried as if "a luggage" when falling
asleep. I felt from the bottom of my heart that I need to carry so
many things just by having one child.

That day, the main event was to visit the "Nagoya City Science Museum". This science museum has a really good planetarium, but that area was closed due to the COVID-19.
Although they only had the regular exhibitions, one of their major exhibits, "Tornado", was mouth
opening. Since it was a weekday, we were fully able to enjoy it.
Since I didn't know what exhibits would attract my child, we decided
to walk around and stop at wherever my child liked. The exhibit which had a lot of mirrors was my child's favorite.

After the science museum, we went to Nakamura Park by subway.
Nakamura Park is located 7 minutes away from Nagoya Station.
Upon leaving the station, we arrived at the place to stay name "AND SHARE Nakamura Park". Although it was located in quiet houses area, this distance was very convenient for me since I was carrying many things.
After we smoothly checked in, we got into our room. Since the room was huge, there was enough space
even if I put my things around the room.
Although there were two beds, we only used one. There was a fancy bed, but there was a risk of my child falling from the bed. So, we decided to rent a futon and put
on the floor. I also used a futon.
Only my husband used a bed. Normally, business hotels don't offer this kind of thing flexibly, so I am happy to have stayed

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